MELLOW OUT WITH MOTHER NATURE. The foremost and industry leading lens technology, VONZIPPER'S MELANIN ENHANCED LENSES are inspired by the natural defenses of the human body against the sunlight, creating an unsurpassed polarized experience. Developed in partnership with mother nature over millions of years, our MelOptics lenses are infused with synthetic melanin to provide the ultimate in UV protection and crystal clear vision without color distortion. Our Melanin lenses utilize the same pigment that determines your hair, skin and eye-color. This pigment is also your body's main filter to block out harmful ultraviolet rays from your eyes, while preserving color perception for all of your daytime endeavors. Pairing a Glaricade filter with VZ melanin enhanced lenses provide an equivalent of SPF 140 protection to your eyes, your own personal bodyguard against crows feet, cataracts, and age related macular degeneration (A.M.D.). VZ MelOptics will take you to the top of the eye charts; we just hope you aren't afraid of heights.

VONZIPPER uses the most progressive polarized technology available to protect your eyes from the dangers of UV rays and glare distortion. All VZ POLARIZED LENSES feature a thin, Glaricade polarization filter that only allows light waves to enter the lens at certain key angles giving you the crucial optical clarity you need with none of the distorting glare. Premium UV protection, and what do you get? More vivid colors and the ultimate in visual acuity. Like the wide array of frame styles we offer, we've developed three unique polarized lens offerings that will suit every set of eyeballs under the sun.

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