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Tanner Rozunko




Q & A

Do you believe in Aliens? Aliens surround us but THE MAN doesn't want you to know that.

Last wish you made that came true? None of mine come true... I guess they're all pretty outrageous though.

If you could change your name what would you change it to? Roxie Glitterjuice

Tell about how you spend your Sundays. I usually spend it on my yacht with a bunch golden retrievers dressed up in Hawaiian shirts drinking cocktails and smoking cigars.

Have you ever hitch hiked? explain. Not in California, too many sketchy humans.

Tell about your first date. I went to the zoo with some babe. Animals, overpriced soft pretzels, a lot of walking but always a splendid time.

What’s your relationship like with fortune cookies? The last one I got said "A major financial opportunity will arise in your near future. Take it." ....Either I missed the opportunity or it hasn't presented itself to me yet.

If you could tour with any band who would you tour with? Probably a badass 60's band like 13th floor elevators or strawberry alarm clock. That seems like a super cool scene.

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