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Dylan Goodale



Q & A

Do Aliens Exist?

Aliens exist. I just wonder which of all the alien movies they take after. We are probably aliens.

Last wish you made that came true?

My wishes are always long term so I'm waiting for them all to come true. All at once would be cool!

If you could change your name what would you change it to?

I dunno I kinda like my name. It could be a lot worse... Not to outrageous and not to simple, easily transferrable into nicknames, Dildo, Goodtimes etc etc...

Tell me about how you spend your Sundays

Someone told me once that a Sunday not spent learning something new is a Sunday wasted. Or maybe I read it somewhere... Either way I have yet to honor it. I'm currently wearing a hat that reads: Do Nothing Club.

Have you ever hitchhiked? Explain

That's how I used to get around as a kid! If the waves were good the thumbs were out!

Tell about your first date

My first real date was at an Italian Restaurant in San Clemente. The girl ordered minimal food but I was starving so she basically watched me eat. Between conversation or me stuffing my face she pointed at me and said I have some sauce on my face. When I wiped it off, a new flow took over and she looked in horror as my nose randomly started bleeding. I ran to the bathroom. When I came back we both started laughing We dated for like two years after that!

What’s your relationship like with fortune cookies?

Really good actually! I only trust the ones from Panda Express. I keep the ones I like in my wallet until I feel they have fulfilled their purpose. I once got one that said: Gold is in your Future. I won my only WQS that next weekend. Fortune cookies are legit.

If you could tour with any band who would you tour with?

Fuck maybe The Runaways! All girls, Joan and Cherie in their prime, I bet a lot of weird shit happened on those tours. Would’a been interesting to be amongst that!

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